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Harry Bloemink

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Harry Bloemink teaches entrepreneurship, creativity and vision.
Managers and young entrepreneurs took his workshops in more than 35 countries.

Their favored lecture: "Success is a Yellow Ferrari (don't be the best - be unique!!!)".

Before, he worked on Wall Street New York in merger arbitrage, facilitating board meetings between merger partners; and was financial director at the Harper Group in San Francisco with 300 offices in 40 countries.

He teaches people to think out-of-the-box and set a unique vision for themselves and their companies, to listen to others (!) and be responsible for their environment.

Harry Bloemink lives in Utrecht (Netherlands).


  • Nyenrode University, international business, Netherlands
  • Michigan State University, finance, USA
  • Cranfield University, entrepreneurship, England
  • Leiden University, organizational change, Netherlands

Contributions and Areas of Interest
  • Young Talent Development
  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation
  • Communication & Group Dynamics
  • Listening to other people (LSD)
  • Vision & Strategy
  • Creative Negotiation
  • Favored lecture: "Success is a Yellow Ferrari"