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Cross-cultural Awareness

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Who should attend?
All employees who deal with people from other cultures and who need to improve their understanding and effectiveness in working with these cultures.

Why attend?
Companies that operate globally face many cultural differences. To be aware of your own culture, to understand other cultures and respect them and to create win-win partnerships based on the strengths of different cultures is the outcome of this workshop.

Every culture distinguishes itself from others by the specific solutions it chooses to certain problems. We can divide these into three groups: 1. those which arise from our relationships with other people 2. those which come from the passage of time 3. those which relate to the environment.

From the solutions different cultures have chosen to these universal problems, we can further identify seven fundamental dimensions of culture. Via business examples, examining of dilemma's and interactive role play sessions the participants will come to a better understanding of their own culture, see where other cultures differ and work actively to build creative solutions to cultural problems.

1-2 days

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