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Team Roles

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Who should attend?
Team members from teams that produce suboptimal results due to communication problems and misunderstanding.

Why attend?
First of all the program will help to understand your own character strengths and weaknesses. Are you doing the things that fit your profile? Next it will make you aware of the roles other people in your team have and why this can create communication issues. If the training is conducted with the intact team we will take a thorough look at the balance within the team, make a SWOT analysis of the team and an action plan for the immediate future.

Two psychometric tests which will take approximately 2 hours to finish.

In the introduction we explain the research of professor Meredith Belbin. This research took him over 20 years and was carried out in many countries across the globe.
The psychometric tests are explained and the results discussed.
Belbin describes 9 character roles. The participants will discover their preferred roles and their less preferred roles, what this means for the communication and understanding of other team members and for the balance in the team.

After the training the team results will improve due to better understanding of yourself and your team members. The training will provide a clear picture of the team balance. It will also help with recruitment decisions.

0.5 Day

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