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High Performing Teams

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Who should attend?
All people who work in teams.

Why attend?
This training provides you with the basic understanding of team dynamics. It will teach you how to recognize a high performing team, how to get to the stage of performance and what consequences this has for team leadership. If the intact team is being trained we will analyse the team and come up with a concrete action plan for improvement.

Teamwork has become a basic business strategy for organizations throughout the world. In order to take advantage of the higher productivity, quality and satisfaction that are the hallmark of empowered teams, there is an ever-increasing shift to the implementation of team-based structures. Organizations are relying on the power of teams to meet the challenges arising from globalization of the marketplace; the expansion of information and technology; the need for quality, innovation and speed; and the mobility, diversity and rising expectations of the workforce.
The complexity and competitiveness of business today means that organizations cannot rely on leadership from a few peak performers who rise to the top. They must utilize the resources and talents of committed people at all levels of the organization. If organizations are to continue to grow and develop - and even survive - leadership, decision making and problem solving must be placed in the hands of highly skilled teams.

1 - 1.5 day

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