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Recruitment & Selection

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Who should attend?
Managers who are involved with selecting and recruiting people.

Why attend?

In this workshop the participants will learn the basic rules of good selection and recruiting and will practice the skills to get a true picture of the job candidates.

It is important for both the job applicant and the organisation to ensure that the right job goes to the right person. Taking the wrong job may be just as disastrous for the employee as for the organisation. Recruitment and selection, therefore, involves the organisation and the applicant trying to discover the extent to which their separate interests are likely to be served by the appointment. In other words, it is a two-way process. Applicants should have a realistic picture of the job so that they can decide if they really want it and whether they could do it well.

The training focuses on

  • Specifying job and person requirements
  • Attracting applicants
  • Methods of selection
  • The interview: preparing, structuring and closing
  • Deciding

Via video instruction and role play simulation the skills are practiced to ask the right questions and get the most objective picture of the candidate.

1 Day

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