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Basic Coaching SKills

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Who should attend?
Managers who have people management responsibilities and need to develop their coaching skills.

Why attend?
To build/develop and exercise the competencies and skills essential to coach individuals.

Leaders today are confronted with enormous challenges and dilemmas. On one hand, we strive to do more with delivery, better quality, enhanced service, and improved productivity. On the other hand, we have to compete for talented people, and keep them motivated, focused, and challenged. Leaders today need the knowledge, skills and attitude to balance these competing needs.

Organizations will survive and thrive if leaders can:

  • Involve others
  • Build creativity
  • Instill values
  • Communicate and build trust
  • Motivate performance
  • Empower people to contribute their talents and efforts to help achieve the organization's mission
Leaders today are developing skills for partnership, communication, finding new ways to work together, encouraging participation, and collaborating in the search for win-win solutions to all kinds of problems - people and technical. To achieve results through others is a large challenge. The journey toward trust, collaboration, and synergy requires skills, effort, and persistence. We welcome you to this learning experience where you will practice and develop skills firsthand.

2 Days

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