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Flexible Leadership

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Who should attend?
All managers with people management responsibilities.

Why attend?
Expand the flexibility of your own leadership style. Accurately assess and match the best leadership style for each situation. Integrate direct and indirect forms of leadership. Delegate clearly and effectively to team members.
Strike a balance between personnel development and getting things done.

Leaders need to be prepared to respond to the vast array of situations, tasks, and dilemmas they will encounter on a daily basis. Because organizations are becoming generally flatter and less hierarchical, leaders often wonder which leadership style is the best and which one to employ; a more direct and controlling style or a more collaborative and participative style. There is obviously no simple right or wrong solution. The Flexible Leadership Workshop addresses this challenge and is designed to provide today's leaders with the necessary tools to select and apply the right leadership style to various situations to achieve the desired results.

0.5 - 1 Day

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