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New Media Masterclass

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Who should attend?
Everybody who needs to understand the power and opportunities of new media. In general we start with the higher management, marketing, marketing communications and corporate communications. Once a company decides to implement new media in their communications, all (relevant) employees should be trained.

Why attend?
This Masterclass will give you a good understanding of all the new and exciting possibilities of new media.

The New Media Masterclass (NMM) can be given in various formats:

  • Short version of 1 hour. This gives a helicopter view of this new form of communication. The history of new media is explained and some examples of new media instruments are demonstrated.
  • Intermediate version of 2 hours. Besides the history of new media all major new media instruments are explained and demonstrated. A short explanation is made on how this can be translated to a business situation.
  • Full version. The participants will experience and explore the internet on social media related to their business. They will investigate what is being said about them and their products and develop strategies on how to use this information to their benefit.

1-4 hours

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