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Core Competencies and Communication Styles

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Who should attend?
Employees who need a better understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses and who will benefit from getting a better picture of the way they and others communicate.

Why attend?
In this workshop the employees will learn a great deal about themselves, their own behavior and their communication preferences. Only people who truly know themselves can be an inspiration for others and lead the way.

With a model called the "Core Competency Model" we will take a look at the participants competencies, their pitfalls, challenges and allergies. How do you view yourself and how does the outside world view you? How can you use this knowledge for your benefit and how can you use it to lead others?

In the second part of the workshop we will take a close look at communication styles. There is hardly a single topic more fundamental to the business process than communication. We believe it is also true that there is hardly any process more susceptible to failure than the everyday activity of businesspeople talking, writing, and somehow signalling to each other.

The participant will find out more about his or her communication preferences and will learn how to use this knowledge to be a more effective communicator.

1 Day

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